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The American Heart Association (AHA) Training Site in Columbus, Ohio is the leading CPR training site in the Midwest. We offer the best and most effective training programs for CPR and First Aid.  CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid training are not only important in the field of emergency medical care, they can also be incredibly valuable in everyday life. These courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to cardiac arrest, heart attacks, strokes, choking, and injuries.   It’s important to know what to do in the event of an emergency. Here are some other reasons why CPR and First Aid training are so vital: 

  1. In emergency situations, every second counts, CPR and First Aid knowledge can make a big difference. 
  2. We can respond quickly and confidently in an emergency if we are knowledgeable enough to save lives. 
  3. Providing First Aid can lower the rate of disability.  
  4. First Aid training also helps us to learn how to identify potential dangers.  
  5. By learning how to perform CPR and provide First Aid, we can perform confidently for the safety and well-being of others. 

Having CPR and First Aid skills will help reduce the risk of disability, save lives, and increase your confidence to act in an emergency. 

American Heart Association Training Site 

The CPR Columbus training site is at 5202 Bethel Reed Park  Suite 140,  Columbus, OH 43220. A convenient location with modern facilities for CPR and First Aid training. CPR Columbus offers a wide range of certifications and a straightforward CPR renewal process. Through our training site, everything is easy and hassle-free.  Our site offers a variety of courses such as BLS, BLS Renewal, ACLS, ACLS Renewal, PALS, PALS Renewal, HeartSaver CPR and First Aid, HeartSaver CPR Renewal, and First Aid. These courses are taught by highly experienced and certified instructors using the latest training materials to ensure the highest quality of training. 

Benefits of Training at the American Heart Association Training Site in Columbus, Ohio 

  1. A high-quality training program that is designed with the latest American Heart Association guidelines and materials. 
  2. Experienced and highly knowledgeable instructors with broad expertise and backgrounds in the field of emergency medical care. 
  3. Easily accessible location and flexible scheduling for students who have busy schedules. 
  4. A systematic training program that offers a range of courses to meet the needs of students depending on their skills and experience.  

How to Enroll in Training Courses 

Enrolling in our CPR and First Aid training course at the AHA Training Site in Columbus, Ohio is easy! You may visit our website at or give us a call at 614-321-2094. Our Customer Service Representatives are ready to help you enroll over the phone.  Course fees are affordable, and we have different payment options. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.    Preparation for the training course is simple and easy. In addition to the required manual for the training course, rest assured that everything you need to be successful will be thoroughly covered in class. During the training, wear comfortable clothes and be prepared for a stress-free, informative, and fun class.  Emergencies can happen at any time and it’s important to be prepared. Enrolling in CPR and First Aid training courses at the AHA Training Site in Columbus is a wise investment, especially for those who are in a position to care for others. With high-quality training programs, experienced instructors, and a convenient location, there’s no reason not to enroll in a course at CPR Columbus today!   

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